This Is A Disadvantage If Excess Freon Aire Acondicionado Tijuana

What can happen if our air conditioning has an excess freon condition, if it will remain safe or if there are some losses that we must accept? In this document we will discuss what can happen if as a result of excess freon in the air conditioner. What things can harm us as users due to excess air conditioning freon? Also, if your air conditioning requires maintenance, we recommend that you hire a aire acondicionado pros.

Electricity will become more wasteful

Freon and electrical energy consumption are closely related and mutually influencing. The higher the freon pressure, the more electricity will be needed. So if excess air conditioning freon, the electricity in your home will be more extravagant than it should be. Of course, this is a material loss because you have to pay more for the electricity tax.

Increase the working weight of the compressor

In addition to making electricity consumption more extravagant, excess freon in split air conditioning and others will make the compressor run heavier. This is due to the excess load the compressor must support due to the freon mass exceeding the proper size. This will make the compressor wear out faster.

Overheating or overheating

As a result of excess freon in the air conditioner, excessive heat will be activated in the compressor (overheating) .In these conditions, the protective part of the compressor will be quickly damaged. It will also slow down the room cooling process as the compressor protection equipment (overload) automatically cuts off the electricity.

The compressor will often die

Another loss that can occur due to excess freon in the air conditioner that will affect the compressor is often the component dies. This will not only reduce the ability of the air conditioner to cool the room, but the death of the compressor can cause cooling to not occur. As a result, the room gets hotter than it should be.

May cause short circuit

It is still related to interference with the compressor as a result of excess freon in air conditioning that is short or short. As with other electronic equipment, short-circuiting will cause damage.

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