These Longboard Tricks Are Risky But Cool

Longboard tricks are quite risky, so if you’ve ever watched an adventurous television show, maybe you’ve seen the attraction of the longboarding game. It looks fun and exciting because you just need to sit squatting on the board and glide casually. But make no mistake, it turns out this sport is quite dangerous. The reason is of course because of the road terrain that will be faced in the form of a long and steep descent. Longboarding does indeed require a deteriorating road condition in order to be able to go to the maximum. In addition, the board used has a mass or greater weight than a skateboard board. This, of course, will make you somewhat difficult to control or when you want to try the longboarding trick. Additionally, if you want to introduce longboards to your child, we suggest you check out some kids longboard cruiser skateboard decks.

Because it is quite risky then you should not try randomly and try various styles or high-level longboarding tricks. Previously, you must be diligent in practicing and mastering various techniques first. Well, here are some longboard tricks that are suitable for beginners!

One Foot Balance

This trick is really easy, even any beginner can try it without falling over. One Foot Balance is a style where you glide on just one foot. When the longboard is moving, lift one leg and control the balance of the body.

BS Pivot

BS Pivot is a safe or easy trick or longboarding style for beginners to do. The trick is to use both feet to rotate the board 180 degrees.

No Comply

You can try Longboarding No Comply tricks on a flat road, aka not uphill or downhill. The movements are also very simple and easy where you use your hind legs to rotate the board 180 degrees.

Ghost Ride Kick Flip

If the trick is rather difficult because you have to turn and make the board rotate under the feet while sliding. You can practice on flat roads without having to go directly to areas that have steep descent.

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