You Must Know This When You Write A Movie Review

Movie reviews are writings that express a person’s opinion about the film being watched. Movie reviews can be written for the writer himself, to express his opinion after watching a film. Film reviews can also be written with the aim of reading by others, to recommend or criticize the film. Let’s read how to analyze films. On the other hand, if you also want to know some examples of excellent product reviews, you can go to as soon as you want to

Film reviews must include facts about the film as well as the writer’s original opinion about the film. First of all, the writer must be able to distinguish between facts versus opinions.

Facts are things that really happen or are empirically correct and can be proven. Opinions are a person’s personal considerations, views, attitudes or judgments, which are usually subjective.

A good film review needs to contain important facts, but NOT a list of facts about the film. Good movie reviews must provide genuine opinions without divulging the plot of the story. When writing film reviews, you can judge the contents of the story by asking the following questions: does the plot make sense? Is the storyline logical? You can also judge the actor’s acting: does he act according to the storyline? In addition, you can also write your opinion about special effects or analyze the music: does the special effect, lighting, sound, and various other components succeed in supporting the film or even damage the film? Is the music appropriate and used effectively?

After making a statement about a film, don’t forget to support the statement by giving a descriptive example. Explain the appearance of each scene, the actor’s appearance in acting, the camera’s perspective, and so on. This is evidence to support your opinion. You can also quote dialogue to strengthen your opinion.

After you read this article, it’s time you practice how to make a film review by joining a movie review website or community with a good reputation.