The Characteristics of Reconditioned Car Batteries

Just like other batteries, car batteries aka batteries need to be replaced if it has reached a certain period. Generally, car batteries must be replaced after one to two years of use. When the time comes, choose the battery carefully because now there are many reconditioned batteries circulating. The reconditioned battery is a used battery that has been improved so that it looks new again. This kind of battery is widely sold in the market and is not an official store. You can also get EZ battery reconditioning on our website.

Reconditioned used batteries will not actually cause an explosion or severe damage to the car. Even so, users will still lose money when using these batteries. Because the reconditioned battery has a very short useful life. Even though the price is relatively cheaper, the money spent to buy a reconditioned battery can be greater than buying a new battery.

Let’s recognize some of the features of a reconditioned battery like the following:

General For Sale on the Side of the Road, Not a Large Store
There is no way you can find reconditioned batteries in a large store, Teman OtoSpector. Usually these batteries are sold in auto parts stores on the roadside. So if you intend to buy a car battery in such a place, be more careful.

Scratches To Battery Color Change
When you are going to buy a roadside battery, first try checking the poles, covers, and also the color of the surface. If the pole has a scratch, the cover is bulging, and the color has changed to fade, the battery can be reconditioned. These three things are the most common characteristics to recognize whether the battery is reconditioned or not. If you are not sure of the battery, try to explore the condition further by communicating with the seller. The answers given by the battery seller can certainly be made by you if the battery is reconditioned or not.

Not Full Battery Guarantee
A new battery is sold with a guarantee by the manufacturer. Usually the warranty period offered by the manufacturer is around one year. If the warranty is less than that, you should be suspicious. Many say, reconditioned batteries often come with a warranty. However, the warranty is only given in a matter of months. Usually the guarantee only reaches three months.