Ball Screw Application

The use of a ball screw in many machines makes this particular screw an important part of the machine. When broken, you could take to the ball screw repair service because it will cost less than replacing the screw with the new one. This screw consists of a nut, screw, and balls that work in a related way to bearings Superior Ball Screw Repair. These parts operate synchronically to convey energy comparable to a regular power screw, but rather of sliding friction, rolling friction is created by the bearing balls. The screw has rolled helical groove or precision ground as inner race and the inner groove of the nut serves as the outer race. The nut or screw turns because of the circulation of the precision steel ball between the two grooves whereas the other move linear way.

A ball screw is proven to be more efficient than the lead screw. There are different conditions for stopping and moving between ball screws and lead screws. For the lead screw, normally there is no need to implement additional brakes because this particular screw is self-locking, even in the circumstances during an electricity outage where you’re elevating a vertical load. However, when the friction on the sliding surface is higher then it requires more power to drive the load forward or up. The application is the biggest factor in choosing between using the ball screw and a lead screw. In a vertical application, it is better to use lead screws because it cannot back drive. But it would be more beneficial to use ball screw on the horizontal orientation because back driven by gravity is not something you have to worry about.

So, there is some specific application that the ball screw could be used in. The high efficiency of this particular screw is very useful in both low and high-load applications. Generally, ball screw application includes commercial and military aircraft where it used in wing positioning, engine actuators, landing gears, and stabilizers. It also used in less advanced applications like roots and semiconductors applications. A ball screw is also used in water transport systems, automotive applications, and milling machine tables.