Safety When Using Corded Jigsaw

Every work equipment can be dangerous if used improperly, there are even some tools that can cause serious harm compared to other equipment, one of them is power tools. Power tools can result in fatal injuries, where workers who are victims are likely to experience disabilities or will not recover fully, even in some cases, can result in death. Therefore, every worker must always follow safe working procedures and take precautions when using work equipment. One of the most widely used power tools is corded jigsaw. The importance of choosing the best corded jigsaws and understanding of how a jigsaw works greatly affects the safety of its users.

Jigsaw is an electric tool that serves to cut wood and other materials with detailed and varied cutting patterns, such as zig-zag, curved, circular or curved patterns. Jigsaw saws have thin blades which make them less suitable for cutting thick boards because they can produce uneven cuts. However, if you want to cut plywood with circular patterns or other curves, this tool will be very helpful.

This jigsaw saw can be used to cut some material other than wood with a note that the saw blade used must be by the material to be cut. Jigsaw saws can also be used in flexible work position positions, not necessarily on a flat workbench.

Safety guidelines for using a jigsaw saw:
• Use PPE before operating a jigsaw saw, including safety glasses, gloves, safety helmets, safety shoes, and earplugs / earmuffs when exposed to noise
• Check the condition of the jigsaw saw to make sure the machine is in good condition and safe to use
• Install the blade according to the type and thickness of the material to be cut, then tighten the bolt using the L key
• Measure the workpiece to be cut using a sketmatch / calipers and mark the measurement results earlier
• Insert material or workpiece into vise and adjust its size with the blade
• Position the part that has been marked right on the blade to get the best cut results
• Install the saw plug in the electric socket and adjust the speed of the blade movement as needed
• Hold the jigsaw with both hands
• Make sure the saw position is perpendicular to the cutting process. Avoid holding the saw in an oblique / tilted position because the cutting results become sloppy.

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