Knowing Various Damages On AC

Disturbances or problems that occur in the AC (air conditioner) often makes the owner annoyed and annoyed. Especially when the summer is prolonged, we automatically will often call the AC repair service. To avoid repetitive damage, ac repair las vegas can guarantee the air conditioners we used can last long after going through their repair process.

Many things can cause damage to the air conditioner that makes it not last long. Often we find disturbances in air conditioners at home or in our workspace. This is of course very disturbing our comfort at work or when resting at home.

The following causes damage to the AC:
1. Does Not Make the Room Temperature Cold

● The main function of the air conditioner is to cool the air in the room to be cool and clean, the air conditioner that does not want to cool can be caused by improper/incorrect temperature settings. Make sure the temperature setting number on the remote control is in accordance with your needs, Also make sure your AC remote control settings are correct in the Cool or Auto position, for the cool position usually with the star sign (*).

● Filters (filters) on AC that are dirty can also cause air circulation is hampered, clean the AC filter that is in the indoor 2 weeks

● Freon AC has run out, due to lack of freon due to a leak from the AC installation pipe. This happens because there is an error when installing or installing the air conditioner or due to a lack of maintenance on your air conditioner. Fill in the freon or add freon AC according to the capacity of the freon AC container.

● Damage occurred in both the AC electrical system and the piping system such as compressor, pipe, evaporator and condenser leaks.

2. The air conditioner does not want to turn on
● One common cause is the absence of electricity leading to the AC unit. Perform successive checks on the electrical wiring and panels to ensure that the flow of electricity to the AC is not interrupted.

3. Noisy AC
● If your air conditioner makes a very disturbing noise, noise from indoor or outdoor. This can happen because the seats on indoor or outdoor air conditioners are not neat or uneven on the wall. Try mounting the bracket in the right position on the wall.

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